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It’s Alvin again! And I want to congratulate you on getting access to VidFactory and tell you about some Pro level tools in VidFactory that can help you get more traffic and grow your profits even more with the Video Ads you can create.

Before I tell you more about these advanced features, let me just mention here that THIS is a massively discounted offer for ONLY a SELECT few VidFactory customers.

You will NEVER see this offer again once you let this pass you by.

With that being said…


VidFactory Pro

Get Access To Advanced Tools To Re-Define Your Video Ads

Let's Show You These Advanced Tools That You Are Going

To Unlock Today With VidFactory Pro...

Apply Video Filters

You created the perfect Video Ad to get you loads and loads of traffic, and only one thing can make it even better: the perfect filter.

You can now add Instagram-like video filters to your videos and get that color filter effect in an instant.

You get 8 options to choose from to make your video ad stand out in the foreground with the perfect color and contrast.

Resize The Video

Convert any video fit into any format. You can choose to size your video as per the most popular social media acceptable sizes.

Choose from sizes perfect for Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook (landscape and portrait), Twitter (landscape & portrait) and Facebook Covers.

You can even change the background color of the part that’s left out after cropping your video so that it merges with the rest of the background.

This is an awesome tool for creating custom campaigns and content for your business pages.

Reverse The Video

This allows you to reverse the playback of any video and create a boomerang video ad. Your video add will forward and backward.

This puts the fun back into video creation and makes your video ad stand out. You can now turn even the most boring videos into traffic-pulling and highly engaging video ads.

A freelancer would have charged you a bomb to add this kind of an effect to your video ad…knowing this will spike the engagement instantly and get you more than usual traffic.

Convert Video to GIF

You create video ads to appeal to the audience’s emotions…the impulse of sharing a GIF is instant, which is precious at a time where attention is harder than ever.

Say goodbye to boring Images. Why post them when you can convert any video into a viral animated GIF image?

GIFs are perfect for posting on forums like Reddit, Twitter and have proven to bring better results.

Create A Loop Video Ad

You can now make any video you choose longer by looping it. Playing a short video non-stop over and over again is very effective to deliver your marketing message.

Big brands already use it to showcase their products. And now with VidFactory Pro you have the same technology in your arsenal.

You can choose any YouTube video or your own video to play on loop 2x, 3x, 4x…all the way up to 8x.

Mute Video

Sometimes ONLY the Visual content is enough to hook your audience. You can now choose to simply mute the video permanently.

Facebook may have turned off the auto-mute option, but VidFactory allows you turn your video to mute before you create an ad out of it.

This saves you the risk of putting your audience to embarrassment (in case they are in a public place watching your video ad) and you too (in case the audio part can distract your audience from your marketing message).

Now as soon as you grab your copy of VidFactory today, these advanced tools are unlocked on your VidFactory Dashboard.

I have told you about them…

These advanced features & functionality are built to drive you more traffic and sales converting into higher profits.

They’re just as simple to use as VidFactory. No extra training or skills are required.

They are designed to help you…

For a very limited time, we are offering the Developer’s License to VidFactory at no extra cost or without the need to upgrade to the PRO.

Create advanced level video ads to drive more traffic and sales to your business

Get more profits with high converting video ads made with point-n-click simplicity

Leverage the power of Visual Content to engage your audience

Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty

But here’s something you should know…

As I mentioned right at the start…this is a LIMITED offer. Once you decide to leave this page without taking up this offer…chances are very high that it won’t be there when you return.

At the moment talks are on to either turn this offer into a $47 monthly recurring payment or re-launch it as a separate ‘New’ tool itself.

This means that right now is your ONLY chance to upgrade to the Pro level at a small $27 a monthly payment.

Hit the button below to get instant access to VidFactory Pro…

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You have my word.

If even after using VidFactory Pro advanced tools to create jaw-dropping Video Ads you are NOT happy with the amount of traffic and sales you pull in…

…just drop us a message at the support desk from right inside your Vidfactory Dashboard and ask for a refund within 30 days from your purchase.

We will process it without asking a single question.

To your success,

Alvin Yang with Med Amine