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MAY 26th AT 11 AM ET/NY

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May 25th - Presell

May 26th - LIVE

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May 30th - Closing Day


All-in-One Cloud-based Video Software That Transforms Any Video into a High-Converting Ad In Seconds

Product Features

Simple Drag & Drop Editor

Easily add any text, image, button, music, or even narration to your videos.

Powerful Cloud-Based Video Ads Creator That Works on Mobile, Tablets, and PC.

Create the perfect video ads anywhere and on any device you want.

Access to 1000s of Copyright Free Videos

Get access to thousands of copyright free videos that you can convert into professional ads in seconds.

Turn Any Video into a Viral Meme

Transform any video into a viral meme in just a few clicks.

Save and Download Your Creation

Download your creation and share it on any platform you want.

JV Prizes

Opening Day

(Day 1)

Prize - $500

"Everybody Wins" Contest

(Individuals only)

Get 20 FE Sales - Get $50 Extra

Get 10 FE Sales - Get $25 Extra

Get 5 FE Sales - Get $15 Extra

Get $1000 in sales - Get $100 Extra

Get $500 in sales - Get $50 Extra

Closing Contests

$3000 in sales - $300

$2000 in sales - $200

$1000 in sales - $100

$500 in sales - $50


Get 20 FE Sales - $50

Get 10 FE Sales - $25

Get 5 FE Sales - $15

** Note: In order to quality for the overall contest prizes, your sales must be on par or over the prize payout in commissions. If you don't meet the minimum, you will be paid out based on the amount you have made in commissions.


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Sales Funnel

➡ FE: Basic $27 (30 Monthly Renders) | Elite $37 (100 Monthly Renders + Developer Rights) | 50% commission

➡ OTO1: $27 monthly or $67 one-time | 50% commission Unlimited Renders | Video Filters | Resize Video | Video to GIF | Loop Video

➡ OTO2: $67 | 50% commission 20 DFY Video Ads with voiceover | Additional 10 Video Ads Per Month for 10 Months

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Video Ad Creation Made Easy

Transform Any Video into High Converting Ads

Viral Videos Will Never Been The Same Again


Have you noticed that there are more videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter than ever before?

Unless you have been living in a cave for a decade, you know that video is the future for ads and content. 

The problem is, creating actionable videos for generating sales and leads are often very complicated (and expensive) experience.

Alvin Yang and Med Amine want to change that with VidFactory. 

VidFactory is cloud-based video ads creation and editing tool that lets you transform any video into a professional ad within seconds. 

Check it out here [AFF LINK]

Unlike most apps, VidFactory is very easy to use, and it works on just about any device. Now, you can take your video ad creation anywhere you go.




Faster than Camtasia? Check this out.

Don’t Create Video Ads Without This

Stop Wasting Your Time and Money - You Need This


Have you ever wished there was an easier way to create video ads and viral memes?

Well, this is your lucky day!

Alvin Yang and Med Amine have just released VidFactory, and it is going to blow you away.

VidFactory is a cloud-based app that lets you turn any video into a professional ad within seconds. 

Don’t have a video? Don’t worry. You will get access to 1000s of videos inside the library and create the video that you always wanted for your business.

Check out the demo here [AFF LINK]

With VidFactory, you will be able to:

-  Add text, CTA buttons, images, narration, and audio to any video.

-  Get access to 1000s of copyright free videos.

-  Instantly turn your videos into viral video memes.

-  Create awesome video ads on your phone or tablet.

-  Commercial rights to your videos and sell them for $100s each

-  And so much more.

Video is the future, and VidFactory is the tool you need to ride that wave.




Do You Suck at Creating Videos? I do too.

Do you want to create better ads in seconds?

Struggling with Camtasia and After Effects? Read this.


Have you ever tried to create the perfect video ad only to fail miserably?

I have, and because of this, videos have become my biggest weakness.

We have heard this a lot that video is the future of online marketing…

The biggest roadblock is the skills needed to make videos look professional that has all the call-to-action that will grab people’s attention.

I tried Camtasia and After Effects, but all of them were too complex and expensive.

This is why we created VidFactory.

VidFactory is a cloud-based video ads creation tool that is designed by marketers, specifically for marketers who values time and quality.

We are opening up public access to VidFactory on the 26th May at 11 AM ET/NY at a one-time price.

VidFactory will allow you to turn any video into a professional ad within seconds. You don’t even need a computer!

I will tell you more about VidFactory tomorrow and show you how you can use this tool to generate sales and profits instantly.  



MAY 26th AT 11 AM ET/NY

Launches In:

Key Bullet Points for VidFactory:

  • Drag and Drop Video Ads Creation Tool
  • Create Video Ads on the Go
  • Access to 1000s of Commercial Rights Free Videos
  • Sell Video Ads for $100s Each
  • 100% Cloud Based Video Creation Tool
  • Create the perfect video ads for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
  • Turn your videos into professional video ads within seconds
  • Add your own narration, image, and text to any video.
  • Turn Any YouTube Video Into Video Ads In Seconds


[Closing Today] Last Chance To Get VidFactory at One-Time Price

[Don’t Miss This] The Fastest Video Ad Creation Tool Closes Today


I’m sure by now you have heard about VidFactory and how it can turn any video into a high-converting ad within seconds. 

If you still haven’t checked it out, go here before it closes at midnight ET/NY tonight [AFF LINK]

With VidFactory, you will be able to:

- Quickly add text, CTA buttons, images, audio, and narration to any video.

- Create specific scenes in a video and add the customizations you want.

- Render your videos on the go with your phone, tablet, PC, Mac, and iPhone.

- Access to 1000s of copyright free videos.

- Convert YouTube videos into viral memes or video ads.

- And so much more.

Check out VidFactory here before it’s too late. [AFF LINK]





VidFactory lets you create quick videos for Facebook and Instagram ads within just a few clicks.

  • 30 Renders Per Month - $27
  • 100 Renders Per Month + Developer License - $37


VidFactory Pro

With the VidFactory PRO upgrade, you will get access to 5 other video tools to help you create stunning content within seconds.

You will get access to::

  • Video Filters
  • Resize Video
  • Reverse Video
  • Video to GIF
  • Loop Video

You will also get unlimited developer license to sell as many videos as you want to clients. You will also be able to create longer videos.


VidFactory DFY

VidFactory DFY is a complete Done-For-You solution that will give you access to 20 commercial grade videos to use your for your campaign. On top of that, you will also get access to 10 new DFY video ads per month for the next 10 months.


Watch VidFactory in Action


Got Any Questions?

If you need any help regarding with this launch, we are here to help. Just get in touch with us by clicking our images below.

Alvin Yang

Affiliate Manager / Chief Operating Officer

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